Welcome to Asia School of Business in Malaysia, in collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management

I was so excited to join the start-up team as an Assistant Professor of Management and Faculty Director of Action Learning. 

The Asia School of Business (ASB) is the newest MIT Sloan School of Management collaboration, supported by Bank Negara Malaysia, the Central Bank of Malaysia. 

The establishment of this world class graduate business school in Kuala Lumpur will offer both degree and non-degree programs to serve the needs of Malaysia, ASEAN, South Asia, China, and parts of the Middle-East and Africa. 

The Mission of Asia School of Business, established in collaboration with MIT Sloan is to be a global knowledge and learning center infused with regional expertise, insights and perspectives of Asian and emerging market economies.

The vision of Asia School of Business is to be a premier business school that develops transformative and principled leaders who will contribute to a better future and advance the emerging world. 

Read more about us at http://myasb.mit.edu

Action Learning - Field Trip to Detroit

I recently took my students to Detroit in order to learn about the city's efforts to recover from the bankruptcy. We had such an amazing time, visiting the headquarters of several start-ups, the Greek Town Casino and even playing basketball in the private basketball quarters of Quicken Loans.

And this is what I call Action Learning!


Action learning - a field trip to Bosco Gurin, Switzerland

Another successful action learning experience! Master students from University of Lugano and Indian School of Business graduates came to visit Bosco Gurin, the site of my 2 year-action research project.  

Action learning in Lucca, Italy!

After a long and very intense week of learning, my Italian students are discussing in teams the practical applications of the course. Later in the semester, they will apply these take-aways in their internships abroad. What a great week! A presto ragazzi!

What is Action Research got to do with it? Everything!

On Nov 30, 2013, I got the opportunity to share my philosophy of Action Learning and Action Research with eminent industry leaders, government officials, and faculty from top international Business schools at the "Leveraging Enterprises through Academic Participation Conference" hosted by the The Indian School of Business (ISB) on its Mohali campus in India. 

In my talk, I discussed how real people working in real time to produce real content can exert a huge impact since a direct connection between academia and industry is likely to benefit the industry most. Also if academic involvement in the industry is to be encouraged, a different set of incentives beyond publications alone; need to be put in place. I further stressed upon the need to replicate initiatives such as Venture for America in the Indian industry in order to push entrepreneurship and encourage start-ups. I believe that Action Research is likely to create value in any entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Action Learning at TESLA MOTORS in California

I recently got the amazing opportunity to visit TESLA MOTORS in California in order to learn more about their operations. My findings were recently published in a MIT Sloan case study. Contact me for more information. 

MIT-India Conference 2013 Panel on Entrepreneurship

I am so grateful and proud for having been invited to give a talk at the MIT-India conference this year. The theme, Divided We Stand – Exploring the Role of Dissonance in India’s Progress focused on three main panels: entrepreneurship, healthcare and education. 
In my comments, I shared my learnings from multiple visits in India and focused on the importance of respect for people and continuous improvement.  


What do Women really want? A presentation at MIT for Li & Fung

I recently got invited to talk about "what do women really want"? While this question is been on our minds for millennia, I spoke about what I think women really want when it comes to ...shopping! 
My new start-up, DressMe For is all about that! Giving women what they want when they don't know what they want!

The warmest good bye from my amazing senior students

I am so proud of my senior class! They are ready to face the world and I cannot wait to hear all their success stories!

My book is on Amazon!

If you are interested in learning about my action research experience in the Swiss Alpine Resort of Bosco Gurin, please check out my dissertation on Amazon.



Action Learning at it's best! Meet Sam Awezec, my student and his adventure in India!

There is nothing that makes me prouder than seeing my students succeed! When Sam Awezec decided to go to India to work for one of the companies that I mentor, he never expected this amazing action learning adventure that will change him forever! Read all about it on the Chronicle! 


Meet some of my students from all over the world!

At the Indian School of Business in Mohali

In Lugano at Universita della Svizzera Italiana

At the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad

In the beautiful Toscany with my students from Campus Lucca

Learning about Starbucks in Newton, MA

Learning about Chinese food in Chinatown

Action Learning in Delhi at the Hero Factory

I was honored to be invited to host a workshop at the Hero Factory in Delhi, India where multiple Indian entrepreneurs came and learnt about excellence in operations.

From some of my students...

"I have been meaning to send you this email for so long, but the summer has been flying by! I wanted to thank you for your class. I strongly believe that your class has been and will be the most essential and outstanding course I have/will take at Lasell College. I have come to realize that not a day goes by without thinking about one of your lectures, from waiting for an elevator at my condo, to the operations of opening a new child care center with my father. I have realized that you have taught me beyond the classroom environment. Suggestions I have made, based on material learned in your class, have already been implemented within my fathers company. I wanted to take the time to thank you for all of this, and being an inspiration to me. I hope to someday become as successful and accomplished as you!"

"'You are the professor I have been waiting for all my years at Lasell! I wish we had more time together I still feel like I have so much to learn from you!'

IGNITE talk - Prof. Loredana Padurean at ISB in India

I had so much fun with the IGNITE challenge at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad!
My talk was on diversity and acceptance. Let me know if you like it!